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August 15, 2023

Deviant Flux by Jessie L. Kwak

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This is a sci-fi action story with a bit of intrigue. This is part of a series, I don’t know any recommended order but the author suggested they can be read in any order.

After the destruction of her world and the loss of everyone she knew, Starla goes to Maribi, an asteroid station run by a strong-handed cartel, seeking any of her family. After finding her cousin, Mona, she is rapidly pulled into a political conflict.
Despite being a science fiction story set in the distant future, the technology is seamlessly worked into the story and takes a back stage. It works well.

August 5, 2023

From Dream to Reality: How to Make a Living as a Freelance Writer by Jessie L. Kwak

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This is a perspective on becoming a freelance writer based on Jessie Kwak’s experience. It covers a lot of material, all at a fairly high level. Useful for someone trying to decide if this is the right path to take and to get started, but you will want to supplement it with more detailed material.

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