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June 19, 2022

Artemis by Andy Weir

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Set at a Lunar colony in the near future, this is the story of Jasmine Bashara (Jazz), a smuggler fighting for a small life in the colony, who is drawn into a grand plot to control its resources.

The strengths of the book are in the action and most of the science. The book is a page-turner that will keep the reader guessing as to what’s coming.

The writing is simple, grammatically correct but uninspired. The characters are somewhat flat, there is no real character growth in the book.

Jazz is a young girl, very intelligent but uninspired. I found her unlikable, she is untrusting and doesn’t make good decisions. Her skill sets, though they are explained in the story, seem a very odd assortment and somewhat contrived.

The science is mostly good, the reader can learn a lot from the book in this regard. But he misses the science in a few points, these oversights bothered me in the ending, although they wouldn’t affect the ending. The book includes an analysis of space travel costs. In this instance he goes into a good in-depth analysis of fuel costs comparing it to air travel then extrapolating to space travel. However, when he talks about the cost of descending to the Moon’s surface from Lunar orbit, he accounts for the difference in air resistance and gravity, but forgets to account for the cost of moving the fuel from Earth to Lunar orbit.

Overall, I did find the book enjoyable, mostly because of its pacing and I enjoyed picking up the science of a lunar habitation through the reading.

June 5, 2022

The Instant Printmaker: Simple Printing Methods to Try atHomeā€¦ by Melvyn Petterson and Colin Gale

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This book presents a light introduction to a large variety of printing techniques. It discusses safety measures in detail when needed and provides well-detailed step-by-step techniques with images to walk a novice through the techniques with a list of all necessary pieces of equipment. At the end of each section the book includes images from different professionals using the covered technique.

The downside of the book is that it wastes a lot of space with large photos and light documentation, many of which could be eliminated.

Overall, it did seem like there was a lot of wasted space. But I found the book interesting, the images are good and there is something here for everyone.

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