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July 17, 2023

The Doom That Came to the Coffee Shop by Mark Teppo

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This is a choose-your-own-adventure book, it is a training exercise for the Night Office, an organization that fights otherworldly and extra-dimensional monsters. This is a training exercise. In this exercise, the reader is transported to a coffee shop where they are to identify an existential threat to humanity.

You will die, maybe you will walk away. But can you survive the mission? I found the adventure fun, playing it several times to explore different paths through the book. It can be run through in about 15 minutes to complete most paths. It will still get read from time to time. Now I need to get another book in the series, this is the cheapest and smallest so I anticipate more complex stories.

March 27, 2020

Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

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The story is well-known, but differs from the movies. The story is mostly about Dr. Frankenstein’s reaction to his creation, it is verbose but well-written.

The first parts of the book seemed long and slow, it gets bogged down in long Victorian dialogs. I almost gave up on it. But once the monster is created, the story improved dramatically.

It is all about the relationship between the monster and Dr. Frankenstein. It is a love-hate relationship on part of the monster, and repulsion from Dr. Frankenstein. This gave me some problems as Frankenstein started as a scientist with a purely rational approach to the work. Once the monster is created he became immediately repulsed without getting to know or understand the monster, he is completely driven and consumed by his emotions. It felt out of character given the first part of the book.

Unlike the movies, the monster is very intelligent and capable. He learns to survive on his own, then teaches himself language. Driven by the cruelty of man, his one goal is to find love. I found the monster much more interesting than Frankenstein. He eloquently tells his tale and wins he heart of the reader, but not of Frankenstein who continues his revulsion to the monster.

It is an interesting read. Like many books of the day, in my opinion, it would do well with an update to the characters and dialog. But it is worth the read.

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