Trail of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz

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Trail of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz

The Spellmans are back in their typical dysfunctional way. D (Demetrius Merriweather), an ex-con introduced in Document #4, has joined the crew. We are also introduced to Sydney Spellman, David’s daughter, who seems to have her own neurotic association with bananas. Rae is sitting in trees. And Grammy Spellman is coming to live with the family, if only someone could get along with her.

Investigations are starting to interfere with each other, they have to introduce a Chinese Wall. And then someone in the family will have to defeat it. There is a real shake-up brewing in the Spellman home.

Investigations introduce a neurotic mathematician, someone broke into his home and made toast. Then there’s the family who want to investigate their daughter, and another man who just wants to be followed. A wife who wants to have her husband followed, and whose brother wants her followed.

Naturally, Izzy has to cross everyone she meets, pushing her own luck with the company. She is still seeing ex-boyfriend #13, but for how long?

This book answers a lot of questions:
* Why doesn’t David seek revenge on his sister, Rae?
* Has D been dating a single woman in secret?
* Have D and Grammy Spellman founded a friendship, or a conspiracy?
* Who broke into the mathematician’s house to make toast and do other forms of sabotage?
* How can they get rid of Grammy?

Just in case everything might become reasonable in the Spellmans home, they introduced nicknames. But there is little risk of functionality in this family.

The Spellmans Strike Again: A Novel by Lisa Lutz

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The Spellmans Strike Again by Lisa LutzThis is book four in Lisa Lutz’es series of The Spellmans. The books is a humorous look at a family of instigators, only they are dysfunctional.

In this book, Izzy deals with ex-boyfriend #12, the doorknobs are disappearing from the family home, Izzy pays an actor friend to be a spying butler, Rae blackmails a school drug dealer into giving her free rides, Izzy is going on blind dates with lawyers because her mother is blackmailing her, Rae kidnaps her sister Izzy, Rae has everyone wearing “Free Schmidt” t-shirts, and Izzy is still trying to get the dope on their competitor, Harkey. So, it’s just typical stuff.

This is a great read and lives up to the previous volumes.

The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz

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This is the first book of the Spellmans. They are a normal family, with a family business of investigation. But they spend most of the time investigating each other. Blackmail, spying, bribery, and other black arts are a regular part of their interaction. The book is very funny and I can strongly recommend it.

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